Team Retreat

Each year, we host a team retreat for all of our stylists and team members. This gives us all a chance to get out of the “office”, connect with one another in a new environment, and build up our team. We believe that when the team is strong, the salon is strong—and when the salon is strong, our guests get the unmatched experience they deserve. 


But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our team has to say.

“It was nostalgic—it brought me back to my childhood! Our first challenge was a mud race with our fellow team members, and I was driven to jump over obstacles to get to the end of an intense, mind-over-matter race.

Our second challenge was a whitewater rafting course. Everyone drifted down a crazy and wild river. We had to listen and think fast! My life flashed before my eyes as rapids and rocks would appear, nearly throwing us out of the raft. I was seriously frightened, but with the help of my team, we made it to the end!

I am grateful for the experience because I grew a lot closer to my team and checked off two things from my bucket list. I also learned how to challenge myself and build relationships with other teammates.”
-Laurie Saletta

“Our team retreat this year to the Ocoee River in Tennessee was an experience that allowed me to overcome some personal challenges that I otherwise may not have had the chance.

Although the courses were physical, I had to be strong enough mentally to get through the challenges and pull from my inner strength that I had.”
-Victor Lawrence

We were a strong team before the retreat, but now we feel refreshed, relaxed, and connected. We want every one of your services to be even better than the last—and our team retreat proved a perfect way to help make that happen. 

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