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Put Your Best Face Forward This Fall

Cleopatra is said to have anointed her hair and skin with almond and castor oils —and her beauty is legendary, even thousands of years later. Our point? Sometimes gentle, natural beauty treatments based on ancient principles are the best for your skin. While you may not have access to Cleopatra’s goat milk baths or 24-karat gold face masks, Aveda’s new Tulasara line brings her other favorite beauty treatments — spa facials and plant oils — well within reach.

Aveda’s new Tulasāra product line

Image from: Aveda

Tulasara is a family of advanced-performance skin care and facials that help accelerate skin’s natural ability to restore itself. We can’t help but think the Egyptian queen would have loved Tulasara, with its radiant Oleation Oil, a 100% naturally-derived blend of six plant oils, including certified organic rose, jasmine and geranium—but more on that later.

Ancient Principles, Modern Beauty

Aveda’s products are rooted in the principles of Ayurveda, an ancient holistic healing system developed in India. Based on the belief that a balance between mind, body, and spirit is necessary for health and wellness, it’s the reason Aveda products include herbs, plant oils and organic ingredients with aroma-therapeutic benefits.

It’s also why taking some peaceful time to yourself is so important. Without a balanced mind, everything from day-to-day life to your skin’s appearance can be affected for the worse. For the ultimate de-stressing experience, we offer customizable spa facials. Tonya Jones estheticians use Aveda Tulasara professional-grade products, which unite that ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with cutting-edge clinical research in skin care. Spa facials combine the best of then and now with extra care and Cleopatra-worthy touches of luxury.

The Tonya Jones Spa Facial Experience

When you arrive at English Village or Cahaba Village for your spa facial, you’ll receive a foot soak while your esthetician analyzes your skin. Our esthetician follows Aveda’s signature facial design system, which is all about treatment customization, letting them spend the most time using the technique that will achieve the best results for your skin type. Whether your skin is dry, sensitive, oily, acne-prone, or needing exfoliation, there’s a Tulasara facial for you.

Estheticians tailor your 30, 60 or 90-minute facial to your skin’s unique needs using high-performance products. These customized facials deliver immediate results in just one treatment. So you don’t just leave the spa feeling relaxed — your skin’s condition is visibly improved.

Keep The Glow Going

Cleopatra’s maids were always at the ready with a salt scrub or olive-oil hair treatment, but most of us have to rely on ourselves to maintain our spa facial results. Fortunately, the Tulasara skin care line is the next best thing to a daily facial. (In fact, its two-step system packs many of the benefits of a spa facial into a simple home ritual.)

Dry Brush

Start by gently dry-brushing the face, neck and décolleté using the Radiant Facial Dry Brush. Dry skin brushing is rooted in Ayurvedic tradition and known to help release toxins and dead skin cells, stimulate the lymphatic system and improve microcirculation. It’s an invigorating way to wake up skin and start the morning.  Follow up with a self-massage to help promote microcirculation and immediately leave skin looking more radiant.

Aveda Radiant Facial Dry Brush

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Radiant Oleation Oil

Massage the wonderfully fragrant, organic Tulasara Radiant Oleation Oil into your freshly brushed skin and let it soak in for four minutes while your brush your teeth, comb your hair or practice your King Tut moves in the mirror.

Aveda’s new Tulasāra Radiant Oleation Oil

Image from: Aveda

Cleanse, Tone And Treat

Wash the oil off using a gentle cleanser and follow with a calming toner that’s right for your skin type. Finish up with one of the new Tulasara concentrate serums, which help accelerate the skin’s natural ability to restore and rehydrate itself. They are available in three advanced formulas: Firm targets wrinkles, fine lines and sagging; Bright targets dark spots and discoloration, and Calm soothes skin.

Protect That Face

Protect your skin from UV rays, free radicals and environmental toxins with sunscreen such as Aveda Defense Fluid SPF 30, and you’re ready to step out. Oh, and get ready to turn heads. With these beauty secrets, your radiant face might be the next to launch 1,000 ships.

Aveda Defense Fluid SPF 30

Image from: Aveda

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