Tulasara & Spa

Cleopatra is said to have anointed her hair and skin with almond and castor oils —and her beauty is legendary, even thousands of years later. Our point? Sometimes gentle, natural beauty treatments based on ancient principles are the best for your skin. While you may not have access to Cleopatra’s goat milk baths or 24-karat-gold face masks, Aveda’s new Tulasara line brings her other favorite beauty treatments — spa facials and plant oils — well within reach.

Our New Menu

You asked, and we listened. This fall, we’re simplifying our menu and pricing. The goal? To give all of you a more clear understanding of what we offer. The result? Some services will cost less, some will cost the same, and some will cost more. But you will always know exactly what you’re getting into—and browsing your options will be easier than ever.